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Now Available!

a new book by Perri Nash

Phanny, Phantom of the Attic

The heartwarming true story of Phanny,
the homeless Tuxedo cat

As a special treat, please see Cassie’s Recipes this month!

Phanny, Phantom of the Attic is available at Amazon,
on Kindle and other e-readers that have a Kindle app. 
If you are interested in purchasing the
book at  'bricks and mortar' stores -
see if they will take an order using
the ISBN number, ISBN 978-1-4960-7788-2,
if not, contact me and I'll sell you a book directly,
and sign it too. Unfortunately,
these books are not available on Nook or in
Barnes and Noble stores. However, for a total cost of
$10.00 you may receive a signed copy
with shipping and handling included.
Click Here.

Other books include Partners are for Dancing Only, Land of the Blind,
Death is a Dish Best Served Cold may be ordered directly through PayPal for $10.00 each.
Click Here.
May also be ordered directly from Amazon.Com or any on line bookstore.
Also available on

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